All That … For 14 Seconds of Action

From Rick Dunham’s White House pool report over the weekend:

    A brief, bizarre pool spray from the IMF. Tony Fratto’s more substantive readout of what we missed is below.

    Your pool waited for an hour on the White House driveway for an impromptu presidential drop-by at the G20 session taking place at the International Monetary Fund building.

    Pool left South Driveway at 6:16 for the three-block drive to 19th and Pennsylvania. Four minutes later, we scrambled inside IMF Bdg.

    After waiting three minutes in the lobby, pool was ushered into Conference Hall 2. President Bush was seated next to Guido Mantega, Brazil’s finance minister. Mantega was accompanied by Henrique Meirelles, identified to us as governor of the Central Bank of Brazil.

    The Brazilians were seated to Bush’s left. Flanking him on the right were U.S. Treasury Secretary Paulson and Fed chair Bernanke. Sitting immediately behind the President were National Security Adviser Steve Hadley and WH Chief of Staff Josh Bolten.

    No remarks for the press.

    Ten — count ’em, ten — seconds after we were ushered in, we were ordered to leave. The whole thing was over in exactly 14 seconds, according to the count of the photo pool.

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