Redford, Woodward and Bernstein Set for D.C., Discovery Preems

There’s a special advance screening tonight of All The President’s Men Revisited at Washington D.C.’s Newseum, co-presented by the White House Correspondents’ Association. To be followed Sunday night at 9 p.m. by the feature documentary’s Discovery channel debut.

FishbowlLA’s favorite portion of this fascinating, highly recommended retelling of the intertwined stories of the real and Hollywood versions of Woodward & Bernstein comes around the half-hour mark. That’s when Robert Redford himself notes the irony of the media’s efforts to expose the identity of Deep Throat leading, belatedly, to a street in the Bay Area called Redford Place.

Rachel Maddow provides some great comments for the Deep Throat segment, alongside Redford, Woodward, Bernstein, Jon Stewart and Tom Brokaw. Bernstein has the funniest line, noting that the only reason the secret of the Hal Holbrook-portrayed source’s identity lasted so long is because neither he or Woodward told their ex-wives. From there, the documentary moves to Marc Felt’s daughter Joan, who recalls what it was like for her dad’s courageous “follow the money” efforts to finally be confirmed.

All the President’s Men Revisited was directed and co-produced by Emmy winning Partisan Pictures founder Peter Schall. It’s amazing to think that the year 1976 gave us not only the best Hollywood movie about print journalism but also Tinseltown’s most timeless look at the crazed politics of big-time TV news (Network).

Update – 04/19/13:
Our FishbowlDC colleague Eddie Scarry attended the Thursday night Washington premiere. Read his report here

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