Johannes Mehserle Gets Lenient Sentence*

Former Bay Area transit officer Johannes Mehserle was just sentenced in Los Angeles for involuntary manslaughter for shooting an unarmed man, Oscar Grant, in the back, killing him.

KTVU San Francisco is offering live streaming coverage of the sentencing on their website. It’s pretty riveting. Major cities all over Calfornia are preparing for riots should the sentencing be lenient. Mehserle can be sentenced to a maximum of 14 years in prison.

Updates to come.

*Mesherle was given two years, including time served. Which means, with time given for good behavior, he will basically be a free man in a matter of time. An additional gun enhancement, on top of involuntary manslaughter charges, was dropped by the judge. According to KTVU reporters, Oscar Grant’s family was beyond upset at the decision, walking out of the courtroom before the judge finished his announcement in its entirety.