Alex Trebek & Deborah Norville Share Insight for Career Climbers at Hall of Fame Awards

In our other piece today, we interviewed CEOs and executives for their advice for making it big in the industry spanning decades.

Well, in this piece we’ll focus on on-air talent in the press room with our exclusive interviews with Alex Trebek, one of last night’s honorees at the Broadcasting & Cable Hall of Fame Awards, and Inside Edition host Deborah Norville.

If you want a long career in broadcasting, better yet game show hosting, Trebek is certainly the man to share advice. He’s hosted Jeopardy! since 1984 and even before that he hosted The Wizard of Odds, High Rollers and Pitfalls. He revealed:

“First of all, get a college education, then pay your dues, work your way up, start at the bottom. Start in radio or in small magazines if you want to pursue a career in that side of the business but if you want to be in front of the camera, pay your dues, work hard and then pray to God that an opening comes up in the area in which you are able to demonstrate some skills. You can be the best game show host in the world but if nobody’s producing game shows, you’re unemployed.”
And if you’re not into game show hosting, no worries there. Norville shared her tips for our loyal Mediabistro readers that apply to broadcasting and the media in general. Appropriately wearing a silver dress for the silver anniversary of her show marking 25 years on the air, well that alone speaks volumes in an ever-changing landscape.

The author of Thank You Power explained:

“The challenges you’re facing today will not be issues in the future so keep it in perspective. Make sure that your reputation is that of being someone who works hard, who doesn’t complain who isn’t about playing favorites and is all about getting the job done. If you are known as the man or the woman who’s just there to get the job done, you will always be someone that people want to have in their organization.”