@HuffPoSpoilers Has Some Suggestions for Arianna

There’s a pretty funny open letter today in LA Weekly. It’s by Alex Mizrahi (pictured), the cheeky operator of the popular Twitter feed @HuffPoSpoilers, and is addressed to Arianna Huffington.

Mizrahi launched his feed in 2012 as an exasperated response to the click-bait tactics of The Huffington Post’s main Twitter account. His musings have gained a lot of traction this year and, after attending the Weekly‘s recent Web Awards in Los Angeles, the New York-based Mizrahi felt it was a good time to go beyond 140 characters:

You employ some very smart and talented social media editors with personality and character on their personal Twitter feeds, yet @HuffingtonPost manages to be the lowest of Lowest Common Denominators, relying on the words and phrases so worn-out and bland they’ve been stripped of any meaning. Ever realize how many things are the best/worst/biggest/cutest/most [adjective] EVER?…

And I refuse to believe your social media editors choose, of their own volition, to tweet the same stories over and over (and over and over and over) again (by my count the record is five, for a story about a mop).

Mizrahi has a couple of simple suggestions at the end of his piece on how @HuffingtonPost can immediately improve. Fun item, with the bonus of an additional comment from the author sharing what was cut for space considerations.

[Photo courtesy: @alexmiz]

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