Accused Alec Baldwin Stalker: ‘I Have No Chance of Winning’

The Alec Baldwin NYC stalker trial is big news north of the border. The accused woman – aspiring Quebec actress and former Adventures of Pluto Nash unit publicist Genevieve Sabourin – was emblazoned across the front page of the Journal de Montreal Friday and that same morning gave an interview to radio station CHOI 91.9 FM. She is scheduled to testify Tuesday.

Sabourin dodged a question about whether she sent Baldwin a certain celebrated “St. Patrick’s Day” email. She also explained that she is currently staying at a “summer camp” three-and-a-half hours by car from Manhattan, meaning she will tomorrow once again commute a total of seven hours for her NYC court appearance. Sabourin seems pretty clear-eyed about her legal prospects:

“I have no chance of winning, I’ve known it from day one. I’ve said it all along. I’ve asked the Canadian Embassy, the Quebec Delegate General, nobody ever called me back.”

Baldwin had a small, uncredited role on the 2002 Eddie Murphy bomb Pluto Nash (as M.Z.M.). Sabourin’s attorney claims that a relationship between his client and the actor ensued. If you speak French, the CHOI-FM interview is a pretty interesting listen.

[Photo: Helga Esteb/]

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