Alan Murray Discusses Time Inc.’s Future

Mobile first.

Alan Murray, Time Inc.’s brand new chief content officer, thinks the number one priority for the company is “to become truly mobile first.”

“The cool thing about journalism right now is that more and more people are reading more and more media than ever before, but it’s happening on mobile devices,” continued Murray, during an interview with Vanity Fair. “So you really have to organize yourself and produce content in a way that satisfies people reading on mobile devices.”

Once Time Inc. fully embraces mobile, Murray suggested the next step is thinking of Time Inc.’s brands as more of a team and less of a collection of singular titles.

“Think about health,” said Murray. “Health is a huge part of We have a magazine called We have a really successful magazine site called, which is really about health. If we want to succeed in the health market, when you’re dealing with people on mobile, it probably doesn’t make sense to stay in our silos, but rather, to see how we can attack it jointly. I think there are a bunch of opportunities like that.”

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