(Video) Alan Colmes Says Being ‘Left of Attila the Hun’ Keeps Him from Radio Clearance in NYC

Alan Colmes is still a busy guy. He is heard nationally on his eponymous Fox News Radio show. He also does guest spots on Fox News Channel, his former prime time TV home with Sean Hannity.

FishbowlNY caught up with Colmes at the recent reunion for WHN, a station that he was part of in the 1970s.

Although his radio show is available live online, including New York, where Colmes remains sidelined. Colmes says rejoining the top market is always a goal, but not something on his radar these days.

Colmes, 62, appeared at several New York radio stations, before his liberal agenda became the focus. He worked at WEVD and WMCA, along with the aforementioned WHN. His career reached new heights when he teamed with Hannity in 1996.

But radio was always his first love. He made a name for himself at a pair of powerhouse stations. Shortly after the 77 WABC Musicradio flip to Talkradio, Colmes was the station’s morning man. Later that decade, he had a brief stint at WNBC. That didn’t stop him from making history and becoming the answer to a trivia question, “Who was the last voice on 66 WNBC?”

At precisely, 5:30 p.m. on October 7, 1988, WNBC was no more.

“I’m Alan Colmes. Thank you, God bless you, and for the last time, this is 66 WNBC New York. Let’s do the countdown,” he told listeners.

Watch as Colmes discusses that memorable moment in New York radio. Plus, he reflects to FishbowlNY on his time at WABC and his “embellished” middle initial. Colmes also shares his earliest interest in radio.