Al Martinez Starts A Writers Workshop

80dsgdsfs52731.jpgSomeone who says that they’re LAT columnist Al Martinez sent us a note, alerting us to a new writer’s workshop he’s hosting:

Looking toward the day when the LAT pulls the plug on me and my column, and me, I’ve begun a Writers Workshop and wow is it a success. I’m taking 32 writing aspirants (broken into four groups) through what I’ve learned in 55 years as a journo: reality vs classroom fantasies issued by those who never were. Not too much writing I haven’t done with some success: Essays, non-fiction books and magazine pieces, novels, short stories and journalism. In my home, three two-hour classes on three successive Mondays. About 50 more wannabes are lined up at my door. And I’m also building and refining my blog, “Al Martinez on Everything Else


Thanks for the heads up, Al! If you are Al…

[UPDATE: We asked Al Martinez if he, indeed, was the person who sent us this e-mail, and we got a response: “Yep.” That’s good enough for us!]