How Airlines Used Twitter In September [INFOGRAPHIC]

Eezeer have updated their monthly infographic on how airlines are using Twitter (see our update on this for August, and previous months can be found here, here, here and here).

In September there was a big change at the top, with Southwest Airlines the recipient of the most tweets for the month, beating longstanding champion Delta, who dropped down to third below Air Asia.

Unfortunately for Southwest it was almost entirely because of bad publicity, which resulted after The L-Word actress Leisha Hailey was kicked off of her flight for being overly affectionate with her female partner. Hailey took to Twitter to complain and Southwest was inundated with negative messages and mentions as a result.

Earlier in the month Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong also claimed he was removed from a Southwest flight because his pants were too low. Famously, Kevin Smith was asked to leave a Southwest airplane in February 2010 because his weight meant that he didn’t fit comfortably in his seat.

Timely reminders that social media for brands is as much (if not more) about delivering outstanding customer support (and damage control) as it is a broadcasting and marketing tool.

(Source: Eezeer.)

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