“AirCraft” Flies the Friendly Skies


The “Other Scenes” opening wasn’t the only scene worth making in LA on Saturday night; next door at Paul Kopekin Gallery, Jeffrey Milstein was signing his book AirCraft: The Jet as Art, a collection of stunning photography of commercial planes.

Milstein shoots his subjects at speeds of over 200mph, capturing them from the runway, sometimes as they’re sailing directly over his head. He then removes all contextual information, suspending the planes as crisp, hyper-detailed forms against a field of white. Shots of the bulky aircraft bellies are stunning in their complexity; up this close it suddenly feels miraculous that these things could ever leave the ground.

Most striking are a series of planes shot profile-style on the tarmac–that sleek, familiar form interpreted in seemingly infinite ways by the vibrant, recognizable graphics of a dozen different airlines. Who knew Southwest Airlines had the most beautiful planes?