Airbnb Launches a Magazine

Everyone who has used Airbnb and thought, “I love this, but why isn’t there a pointless magazine attached to the experience?” you’re in luck. The New York Times reports that the company is launching a quarterly magazine titled Pineapple. 

The first issue of Pineapple is 128 pages and contains plenty of interesting content. There’s a think piece on if guests forget to flush the toilet on purpose; a renter’s tip column (the less blood stains the better!); and a giant feature on spiders that are gross and scary but “probably aren’t” poisonous.

Of course we’re kidding. Pineapple contains a bunch of fluff pieces and plenty of photos. The magazine’s introductory note explains that its goal is to “inspire and motivate exploration, not just within the cities featured, but within any space a reader finds themselves.” That sounds great.

Copies of Pineapple will be distributed to Airbnb hosts. You can also buy Pineapple for a mere $12 if you’re into that sort of thing.