Ailes, Miller, Westin Come To Washington

Three national media figures descended on Washington yesterday for various reasons:

  • Increasingly embattled reporter Judy Miller spoke in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee in favor of a federal shield law: “I’m here because I hope you will agree that an uncoerced, uncoercable press, though at times irritating, is vital to the perpetuation of the freedom and democracy we so often take for granted.”

    “Confidential sources are the life’s blood of journalism. Without them, whether they are in government, large or small companies, or in non-profit organizations, people like me would be out of business.”

  • ABC News President David Westin joined Miller in front of the Senate committee, arguing that the current legal climate is changing the way we get our news: “It now influences editorial decisions we make at ABC News…. Let’s be clear: A certain and direct result of prosecutors pursuing journalists to reveal their sources is that some information is not being told to the American people, despite the fact that the information is true and it otherwise deserves to be told.”

  • Fox News guru Roger “Balanced and Fair” Ailes received a Freedom of Speech award. Yes, we’re serious. He admitted himself it was a dangerous moment.