AIGA/LA’s Holiday Party a Gas


It had all the makings of a legendary AIGA event. Situated among the ultra-sleek curves of the Petersen Automotive Museum. House in the house. Pasadena’s Pie ‘n Burger serving up a gooey coconut cream number we wanted to bathe in. A record number of RSVPs. But just after the four-hundredth winning raffle ticket was announced, a very unsettling scent swept the room. We scooted away from the nearest car on display, wondering if maybe the baby blue Ford owned by the Reverend Horton Heat was leaking fluids. We accused the quiet bartender hovering nearby. We quietly hoped it wasn’t us.

“Who let off the stink bomb?” AIGA/LA’s Bonnie Powers announced over the microphone. Indeed, the smell hit all the right notes when it came to sulfuric potency…or was it too much Pie ‘n Burger?

But the Petersen’s guards weren’t alarmed at all. “Tar pits,” one said. That would be the nearby La Brea Tar Pits, which, when poked at, especially during heavy construction, apparently have a tendency to let one rip.

The smell eventually subsided.

Photo of the House Industries Band by Bobby Dragulescu, more here.