Ahead For 2009: More Marketing Podcasts, Videos, Blogs

Good news for any tech-savvy writers or graphics people reading: 90 percent of Web commerce businesses will invest in rich media and social networking technologies this year, according to a new survey from Adobe Systems.

Respondents are planning to deploy the following features in the coming year, mostly in the second half of 2009:

  • Blogs (32%)
  • User ratings, rankings and comments (31%)
  • 360-degree spin (29%)
  • Catalogs & circulars (28%)
  • Podcasts or live video feed (28%)
  • Product comparisons (27%)
  • Videos (27%)

So, granted, this term “rich media” includes a lot of things–being able to zoom in on a product picture, for example, counts as “rich media.” It’s not the sexiest thing in the world, is it? But anyone with the techie know-how who can create, maintain, or install a product review system, and anyone who can film videos of neat products in action, may find themselves with some job offers in the second half of 2009.