AGWTRRT: A Good Way To Remember Rick Tharp

Last summer, the design world reeled when the tremendously talented Rick Tharp apparently jumped to his death from the Golden Gate Bridge. His legacy has since been preserved in the form of a scholarship fund and the website of his firm, Tharp Did It, which has been maintained by his friends.

But this was also a man who was best known for organizing the tremendously popular TDCTJHTBIPC, The Design Conference That Just Happens To Be In Park City, a conference that was not a conference, especially in the sense that he made it particularly easy for students to attend. To further honor his memory, his friends have established TRTMSTATBGDSTAUHC, The Rick Tharp Memorial Scholarship That Assists The Best Graphic Design Students to Attend Upcoming HOW Conferences. You’ll pronounce that “turtum stat bigdust ow huck.”

Students must qualify by being winners in the student design category of the yearly HOW International Design Competition. The 5-6 top winners will be asked to write an essay on a selected topic and a panel of Tharp’s friends will judge the essays and choose three winners. The winners receive $1300 toward the HOW Conference fee and travel expenses, plus, the winning essays will be published by HOW. Students will be given more information about how to apply for this scholarship once they are notified of their HOW competition award.