Afternoon Reading List 11.18.13

Craig James defends ESPN commentator: Yesterday, Breitbart posted former sports broadcaster and football player Craig James‘ response to remarks made by ESPN commentator Kevin Blackistone regarding the national anthem. Blackistone believes the song is a “war anthem” and full of “military symbolism.” While James disagrees with Blackistone’s statements, he still defends the commentator’s right to say them.

Why you should read it: It was either Jon Bon Jovi or Voltaire who said: “I disagree strongly with what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” First amendment, baby! Hell yeah! Read more here.

David Folkenflik body slams Roger Ailes (metaphorically speaking): PoliticoMagazine posted a piece yesterday by NPR’s David Folkenflik about all of the fun and quirky broadcasting tactics of Fox News’ chairman, Roger Ailes. Folkenflik calls Ailes “pugnacious,” meaning eager or quick to argue, quarrel, or fight, which this blogger accidentally read as “puglarious,” meaning bearing a strong resemblance or regard to a hilarious looking pug. Either definition would suffice, however.

Why you should read it: Besides the puglarious picture of Ailes at the top of the piece? You have to check out the ways Ailes will ruin your career in some bizarrely well conceived and specific manner, engineered to warp your psyche and destroy you professionally, emotionally, and psychologically if you ever cross him in the future. Read more here!

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Hashtag, your tweets are dumb: DailyCaller’s Betsy Rothstein capped off last week with a lineup of the media’s dumbest tweets as she takes on her new role at the helm of the DailyCaller’s aptly titled new blog, “The Mirror.” Betsy’s tweet list is a who’s who of news dudes, whose personal views confused, bemused and missed cues through and through. Its interesting to wonder what was going through these tweeters’ heads as they posted to the world their thoughts without thinking, “Who cares?”

Why you should read it: Who cares, right? Wrong. You do. See if you made Betsy’s list. If you did, and you’re finding out just now, then its already too late. Your tweet was so, dang, dumb, and now we all know it. Read more here.

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