Afternoon Lede Check – 9.23.14

From WaPo to WJLA, here are the stories that are leading your homepages today, after the jump…

The Washington Post: War against Islamic State expands

USA Today: Look out below: Danger lurks underground from aging gas pipes

POLITICO: America’s new war president

The Hill: Obama hails Syria strikes, argues ISIS is not America’s fight alone

Roll Call: Congress in No Rush to Return for ISIS War Authorization

Daily Caller: ‘A Very Organized Campaign’ – REVEALED: The Conspiracy To Destroy Rush Limbaugh

The Washington Times: Semper Latte: Obama salutes Marines, coffee cup in hand

National Journal: Here’s What Major Nations Pledged at the Climate Summit

Washington Examiner: Cosmopolitan endorses Shaheen

Huffington Post Politics: ‘BRUTALLY WRONG’

WTOP: Why no Amber Alert for Hoggle kids?

ABC 7: Initial airstrikes ‘successful’ against Islamic State targets in Syria, Pentagon says

NBC 4: D.C. Council Votes to Allow Concealed Handguns

CBS 9: DC council passes emergency gun law

Fox 5: Council votes to allow concealed handguns in DC