Survey Says Kindle Fire Most Desired Tablet – After iPad

Changewave Research has just announced the results of their recent survey. Changewave polled US consumers on how they felt about gadgets currently on the market, and to no one’s surprise the new Kindle Fire is the most popular Android tablet on the US market.

Just over 3 thousand consumers were polled in early November. According to Changewave, a full 22% of potential tablet buyers said they were planning to get a Kindle Fire. That is a significant section of the market, and it only comes in second to the iPad, which had 65% of respondents planning to get one.

“The launch of the Amazon Kindle Fire represents a shot across the bow at Apple, who until now has almost completely dominated the tablet space,” ChangeWave said today in a statement. “But the most immediate impact of the Amazon device is on the rest of the competition, where the survey shows it wreaking a devastating blow to a range of second-tier tablet manufacturers, including Motorola, RIM, Dell, HTC, HP and Toshiba.”

As you can see above, the Samsung Galaxy Tab comes in a distant third place, and no other tablet maker was able to get even 1% of the respondents. But that shouldn’t be  a surprise; only 14% of those 3,043 survey subjects said they were planning to buy a tablet; that’s less than 450 people, total.