Afghan Journalist Given Death Sentence… For Owning A Feminist Text

0204afghan.jpgA 23-year-old journalist in Afghanistan has been sentenced to death by a Sharia court. His alleged crime? Downloading an academic document crticizing Islamists who use statements from the Koran to justify the oppression of women. An anonymous individual filed a complaint against Sayed Pervez Kambakhbsh of Jahan-e-Naw alleging blasphemous behavior on Kambaksh’s part by sharing the document with students and teachers at his j-school… Now he has been sentenced to death by a Sharia court — and Afghan lawyers are refusing to take on the case.

Kambakhsh’s brother, Ibrahimi Kambakhsh, is a reporter for the Institute for War & Peace Reporting — and popular suspicion is that the death penalty ruling is an attempt to get back at Ibrahimi.

(Image via Reuters)