Affinity: Reader’s Digest Tops in Audience

Affinity has issued a new magazine audience service, and Reader’s Digest comes out on top as the traditional consumer magazine with the biggest audience (33.8 million). It’s followed by Better Homes and Gardens, with an audience of 32.2 million; and People, 29.6 million.
The results diverge from Mediamark Research & Intelligence’s magazine audience survey, long been considered the industry standard. In MRI’s fall survey, People was No. 1 at 45.1 million, followed by Better Home and Gardens (38.9 million) and National Geographic (31.7 million).
The surveys follow a different methodology. Affinity conducted the American Magazine Study via a Web questionnaire of 22,000 adults across 150 magazine titles. MRI conducts its survey via in-person interviews.
The Affinity survey also found that while eight out of 10 American adults read magazines, there’s a wide generation gap in readership habits. While 91 percent of people age 65 and up read magazines, that figure drops to 68 percent among 18- to 24-year-olds.