Aeria Mobile brings Monster Paradise to Android

Aeria Mobile announced today that it’s launching Pokelabo Inc.’s collectible card game  Monster Paradise on Android devices.

The game casts the player as a monster trainer who roams around an anime-inspired fantasy kingdom, battling and capturing monster cards to add to their collection. Collected monster cards can be fused to make them more powerful, and there’s also an option to engage in player-versus-player battles. However, unlike other mobile-social titles from developers like DeNA and GREE, which have created their own proprietary social networks, Monster Paradise uses Facebook. This way, players can ask their friends on Facebook to help them defeat enemies and achieve milestones.

Monster Paradise was first brought over from Japan to the U.S. for iOS devices in June. The game was Aeria Mobile’s English-language debut and seems to be finding a foothold with Western audiences. Although it’s not nearly as popular as Rage of Bahamut, the game’s seen over 350,000 installs and is both the No. 161 top grossing app and the No. 120 top grossing game on the iTunes App Store according to our traffic tracking service AppData.