AdWhirl Gets $1M to Better Enable iPhone Applications

Whenever a platform becomes a standard, there are usually other companies that create platforms atop this initial one in order to help facilitate the available actions between third party developers and that platform. Such is the case with AdWhirl, which has announced a $1 million round of funding led by Foundation Capital.

With an undisclosed amount of angel funding under its belt prior to this current round, AdWhirl operated as a platform of sorts, enabling iPhone application developers to pick and choose which AdWhirl-supported ad networks they’d like to use. AdWhirl’s value proposition comes into play as an enabler because iPhone applications need to apply for approval by Apple when they switch ad networks.

This is a major opportunity cost for iPhone app developers, especially as the mobile space is still burgeoning in the advertising realm. This is particularly true for iPhone apps, as the Apple device has become so prominent in the mobile space.

When signing up for AdWhirl, iPhone app developers are allowed to not only switch ad networks, but can take advantage of an auto-switch option provided by the meta-network. While automated, this option seeks higher returns on ad inventory, as multiple placement options are being utilized. So far, supported ad networks include AdMob, JumpTap, Videoegg and Quattro Wireless, with Google AdSense in the pipeline.