’s Top 10 Digital Stories of 2010

If you read’s Top 10 Stories yesterday, you probably noticed more than a few digital-themed stories. Even in a down economy, nothing seemed to be able to halt the ever-evolving online space. And all media jumped on the digital bandwagon.

In short, the emergence of the digital space became not just a single-category story: agencies, social-media firms, local outlets and print publishers (via the nascent tablet market) all embraced digital, in some way, shape or form.

So here are the Top 10 Digital (Category) Stories of 2010:

1. Value of a ‘Fan’ on Social Media: $3.60: Senior digital editor Brian Morrissey’s scoop on the actual monetary value of Facebook fans made its way onto the year-end Top 10 list (No. 2), beaten out only by AdweekMedia’s Super Bowl coverage.

2. Top Digital Trends for 2010: Ah yes, another list. But this fascinating Top 10 was a fascinating overview of what might become 2010’s top digital trends in the business. This actually published on Dec. 28, 2009. Read this as a trip down (digital) memory lane.

3. Closing the Tech Divide: The opening paragraph of this report could be seen as a metaphor for the industry at large—old vs. new media. Of course, social media gets a major shout-out, including the Old Spice Guy, who got a major audience in the end-of-year, site-wide Top 10 list.

4. Coupons Drive Sales on Social: This eMarketer report, which ran back in June, may seem obvious at this point, with the launch of social-media mini-hubs like Facebook Places and the emergence of companies like Groupon, but that didn’t stop it from breaking into this list’s Top 5.

5. The Tweet Hereafter: Great headline, no? But given Twitter’s recent nabbing of more funding—the dead Twitter bird image we ran with the story might’ve been a little premature in its creation.

6. The Science of Sharing: This Web story, which appeared in August 2010, taps into the social media world yet again and investigates what makes brand content go viral. Look out for fascinating quotes from BuzzFeed founder Jonah Peretti.

7. The Variables of ‘Like’: With a great image of the Playboy Facebook fan page leading off this report from Sept. 12, 2010, the story explores what it means to “like” a brand on Facebook—and what happens if liking backfires.

8. Foursquare Frenzy: This July 2010 story answers the simple question: Can the location service (Foursquare) keep up with demand from marketers? And at this point in the year, with a new year right around the corner, do you think it has? Comment below.

9. Cuban: Print Must Vanquish Digital ‘Vampires’: Mark Cuban—love him or hate him—he is a force to be reckoned with in the media/entertainment world. This report came in February from the AlwaysOn OnMedia NYC 2010 conference. Look out for some Google mudslinging.

10. Publishers’ iPad Apps: Hot or Not?: Published on the last day of October, this is the most recent story to crack the Top 10, and takes on the sense that iPad apps would be a deus ex machina for magazine publishers. Check the comments section below for a lively discussion about the pros and cons of magazine iPad apps.