Advice on the Radio–Load of Bull?

Radio call-in shows are profiled in the LA Times, and by and large the writer, Martin Miller, covers all the bases–food, sports, pets. (Certainly better than last winter’s local blogger story and subsequent fracas.)

But the writer missed FBLA’s favorite: Barely Legal on Indie 103.1. Joe Escalante, whom FBLA has known since his corporate days at CBS, dispenses advice about copyright, the pros and cons of incorporation, and the cost of festival rights to callers wanting to break into the music business.

Joe, a founder of The Vandals, owner of Kung Fu records and amateur bull-fighter has been through some legal battles himself, so he must know about the dirty business of show.

We would have thought questioning punks and rockers would want advice about how meet Allison Margolin, but Joe doesn’t give referrals.

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