Advertising & PR Industries Less Hated Than Airlines, Real Estate

According to an annual Gallup poll about which industries Americans love and hate most, advertising and PR are the tenth least-liked industry in America, though that means that flacks are more popular than drug companies, airlines, banks, healthcare, real estate agents, and the federal government.

The television and radio industry fared little better: TV folks were more well-liked than utility companies, but less-liked than accountants, farmers, or anyone in the sports industry.

Publishing was the 9th most-liked industry, but was also the media industry that slipped the farthest since 2001, when Gallup began the survey. Publishing lost 9 percentage points of “positive sentiment” over the past decade.

Well, it could be worse–we could all work for the government. But if you’re a public relations person for a government figure, is your negative score cumulative?

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