Adventures In PR: Hooters Edition

0906hooters.jpgIf you’re going to promote the Hooters swimsuit calendar, you can do it the easy way: Give the reporters some cleavage. An e-mail making the round at media organizations from Hooters’ publicists offers journalists the chance to meet “camera ready” Hooters girls on three seperate days. If that’s not enough, they’re also offering a press party for journos to meet the Hooters girls and indulge in plenty of free, sweet booze. Yup, give the overworked and underpaid writers plenty of girls in bikinis and free liquor: Hooters has obviously learned their NYC publicity lessons well. They’re having a party for the general public on October 4th as well.

But given the fact that, since it’s New York and all, at least a third of the reporters will be either gay men or women… We’re guessing it’ll be one of the most awkward (in a good way) press parties ever. Awesome.