Adventures in Marketing: Australian Tycoon Building His Own Version of Jurassic Park

Does the name Clive Palmer mean anything to you? Unless you keep tabs on Australian mining tycoons, the answer is probably “no.” But if you’re one of the countless movie fans who’ve dreamed of visiting a real-world Jurassic Park, you’re about to become a bit more familiar with Mr. Palmer.

The Australian billionaire (and apparent fan of blockbuster movies from the 90’s), already made headlines this past winter when he announced his plans to build his own working replica of the Titanic, set to be completed in 2016. Now, Palmer is building his own version of Jurassic Park, complete with over 100 limb-moving, eye-blinking (robot) dinosaurs, 40 of which have already been delivered to his coastal resort.

“Work is well underway at the site to ensure the dinosaurs blend seamlessly into the natural vegetation and create a realistic prehistoric environment that will be entertaining, informative and educational,” reads the resort’s website.

Resort manager Schoch said of the park’s design and realism, “The dinosaur park is set among natural surroundings – the trees are real, the rainforest is real. The only things that aren’t real are the dinosaurs whereas other places in the world would have everything fake.”

The fact that the dinos are fake, however, isn’t setting concerned neighbors’ minds at ease; they are less worried about meeting a horrible end at the claws of a raptor, and more concerned that the garish amusement park might lower the area’s reputation (i.e. property values). Clearly, they don’t understand how totally awesome it would be to live next door to Jurassic Park.

Unless, you know, this happens:


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