Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill Land Another Billon Dollar Project in Dubai

Speaking of cash cows, it looks like local starchitects Adrian Smith and Gordon Gill will be continuing to ride the Dubai money train until they have enough cash to start taking disposable yachts to work every day. It’s just been announced that the firm has been awarded yet another contract in the capitol of crazy building in the United Arab Emirates. This time around, they’ve been hired by Meraas Development to design and build a series of towers, as well as three additional projects, combined for a whopping total of $15 billion dollars. Here’s a bit about one of the projects, which should be, like all things Dubai, insanely grandiose:

1 Dubai, which will consist of three interconnected towers, each taller than 2,000 feet, housing hotels, offices, shops and condominiums. The mega-structure would have more than 13 million square feet, making it one of the world’s largest as well as tallest complexes. The developer still must acquire land, Smith said.

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