Adobe’s Chizen Opens Up


Since we were talking about Muriel Cooper yesterday, the godmother of computer-aided design work, today we thought we’d call out this interesting profile/interview in Newsweek with the head honcho of that market, Bruce Chizen, CEO of Adobe. Some of it reads a little like a bit of a press release, but of course you have to step carefully when you’re up so high. However, there are some bits in there definitely worth the read, like when he responds to a question about the great expense of Adobe’s products and how they try to avoid piracy because of it:

We walk a fine line, because we want to make sure our honest customer is not interfered with. But at the same time, we lose approximately one third of our potential revenue to people who steal our software. We spend a lot of energy helping people understand that if they steal our intellectual property, it means we can spend less on innovation against future upgrades and future products. We work with the U.S. government to provide enforcement for those people who are in business to make money stealing our intellectual property. We also limit our software so it can’t run on more that two or three computers, and that seems to help the honest person stay honest.