Adobe Embraces the “Give ‘Em the Ol’ Buckminster” Sales Technique


Product launches are always a big, fun, silly deal. There’s the gaudy, stupid trade shows, the free gifts, like novelty pens you’ll never use, and then, of course, there are the sets of gigantic inflatable domes. Wait. What? Such is the case as Adobe sets to roll out the new version of Acrobat this month, and their PR firm, Gyro International, has decided that educational domes are just what this needs. There isn’t a ton of information, or how in god’s name it relates, but hey, as long as it moves product, right?

Gyro has been briefed to create a series of events to launch the new product to relevant audiences throughout the UK. Gyro has designed an inflatable set of domes, each of which is 12 meters in diameter, which will be used to take attendees through two sessions. In the first dome, the audience will be talked through how Adobe Acrobat 8 can impact their specific business and in the second dome they’ll get the chance to try the product out in a hands-on training session.