Adobe Buys Data Manager Demdex (Updated)

Adobe’s serious about getting deeper into online marketing technology. The software company has acquired data-management firm Demdex, which helps advertisers and publishers make better sense of their audience data for ad campaigns.

Adobe plans to make Demdex’s technology part of its Online Marketing Suite. Omniture, the Web analytics firm Adobe bought for $1.8 billion in September 2009, is the cornerstone of its marketing products.

“There’s been a key trend in the industry where the advertisers are moving from buying impressions to buying audiences,” said Matt Langie, senior director of product marketing at Adobe.

The acquisition highlights the role Adobe could play as an independent player in the evolving world of data-driven ad systems. The space is still highly fragmented, despite big pushes by Google and Microsoft.

Without mentioning Google or Microsoft by name, Langie noted that Adobe clients aren’t also competing with it for ad dollars or otherwise.

“We will continue to maintain this stature of independence,” he said.” We won’t get into spaces where we’re directly competitive with our customers.”

Terms of the Demdex transaction were not disclosed. Luma Partners advised Demdex on the sale.