Adjusting Windows 7 Scrollbar and Titlebar for a Touchscreen Netbook

On January 7, I had a mini-rant titled…

Windows 7 is Great. But, It is Not Finger Tip Touch Screen Friendly (video demo)

I still believe this to be true. However, I stand (actually sitting) corrected regarding Windows 7 and resizing the scrollbar’s width. In fact, I learned that both the Windows 7 scrollbar and titlebar can be adjusted after reading this thread over on Microsoft Answers…

How to adjust the width of the scrollbar in Windows 7?

The setting is buried a bit deep though. So, here’s some help to find it:

1. Right click anywhere on the Windows 7 desktop. Alternatively, open the Control Panel
2. Select “Personalization”
3. Select “Windows Color”
4. Click on the “Advanced Appearance Settings” button
5. Select “Scrollbar” in the “Item” drop-down menu list.
6. If you have Aero Glass turned on, the default value is 17. If not, it is 16. Change this to something larger and more finger friendly. I chose to make the scrollbar 27 pixels wide on my Asus Eee PC T91MT touchscreen netbook
7. Select “Active Title Bar” in the “Item” drop-down menu list This width made it much easier to “grab” the scrollbar with my fingertip to scroll a window up or down
8. If you have Aero Glass turned on, the default value is 19. If not, it is 18. I changed the Active Title Bar size to 28 pixels. This change made it easier to select the maximize/minimize/exit buttons in the upper right corner.

I also finally turned off Aero Glass on my T91MT to try to get a bit faster response out of the netbook. These changes have made the T91MT running Windows 7 Home Premium a bit easier to use by touch for me.