Adele, PlayStation, Mercedes-Benz, Disney, Guitar Hero, more on this week’s top 20 growing Facebook pages

Singer Adele topped our list of the fastest growing Facebook pages by Likes this week, although there were plenty of media, tech, game, movie and brand pages that kept her in good company.

Pages on our list this week grew from between 535,400 to 1.5 million Likes. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

NameLikesTalking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth
1. Adele22,431,8161,542,022+127,566+1,509,536
2. Instituto Ayrton Senna – Ayrton Senna Institute1,404,26911,119+135,761+1,371,398
3. PlayStation21,448,4741,072,687+71,056+927,297
4. Disney34,012,944992,561+65,772+744,779
5. YouTube54,694,3851,109,294+83,736+743,456
6. Apple Inc.4,183,578736,054+82,138+718,214
7. Xbox15,919,595811,923+69,760+708,218
8. Nike7,969,240830,734+79,058+663,152
9. The Twilight Saga30,772,321543,823+99,278+650,237
10. McDonald’s17,461,191802,559+76,165+622,272
11. Rihanna52,898,457742,822+92,572+621,201
12. Fast & Furious15,940,749620,699+70,171+617,806
13. Mercedes-Benz6,360,728681,238+67,433+599,816
14. Wii4,532,536674,710+57,495+587,209
15. adidas6,498,133632,570+68,027+550,907
16. Guitar Hero8,357,274615,933+52,057+550,480
17. Windows5,017,203407,840+65,090+545,986
18. BMW8,942,788715,228+67,439+544,621
19. I ♥ PIZZA2,316,465618,597+52,986+539,231
20. Angry Birds17,153,404696,299+66,031+535,381


Adele and Rihanna were the only musicians on our list, which was unusual since musicians typically dominated this list each week. Brands and tech-related pages replaced them this week.

The Brazilian page Instituto Ayrton Senna – Ayrton Senna Institute is an unexpected No. 2 on our list. The page supporting a foundation created in the name of the late Formula One champion gained more than 1.3 million Likes this week, up from only about 33,000 Likes last week. It’s unclear whether the page had some sort of paid media push, but the racer’s nephew Bruno Senna has been in the news as he prepares for his debut in the Australian Grand Prix.