10 Highly Addictive Facebook Applications

Hours can be spent playing with Facebook apps. Once you start using apps, it’s likely you can’t stop. The instant gratification factor will have you on the hunt for the next killer app. Admittedly, we here at AllFacebook have a hard time reviewing apps at times, because they suck up so much of our time.

It’s already been proven that social networks like Facebook can be quite a distraction for office employees. But it’s recently been found out that college students who use Facebook study less and have lower grades than non-Facebook users, according to study released recently by Ohio State University.

That said and with tongue firmly planted in cheek, let’s look at some of the fastest growing Facebook apps that will make your grades drop.

Living Social

Living Social, continues to dominate Facebook. The largest Facebook application has over 31 million monthly active users.

The company’s Pick Your Five application remains hot. It lets Facebook users pick their favorites five items from 23 categories and within that subcategories. Users can also create their own favorite five.

The top Pick Your Five theme is Favorite movies of all time with 4.75 million participants, the next is best TV shows at 4.07 million participants. Favorite sports teams is third at 2.30 million participants and favorite beers is number four with 2.089 million participants.

You can check out your favorite five dashboard or view your friends. As you’re picking your five choices, it shows how many other users picked your choices.

But wait there’s more. The Picktacular allows you to guess the top items from others’ fives, with an interface that resumes the Family Feud “survey says” dashboard. Users are timed and can use the hint button one time per round without penalty. But your score drops by five points after each use, according to the game.

Which Dalek Are You?

Filed under the new Facebook app quiz is one for Dr. Who TV show fans: Which Dalek are You?

The questions and response follow the clinical-style rhetoric of ever-so monotone villains.Users can choose answers such as “The uncouth reminder that I recreated the Dalek race with Earth-human DNA. Do not blaspheme!” or even “Exterminate! Annihilate! Destroy!”

This quiz is yet another example of fans finding a way to engage with their favorite television series, by way of a quiz that allows them to directly identify themselves with show characters. In the end, it’s up to the TV shows and related media markets to take advantage of niche fan bases within larger networks.

Rock Paper Scissors

When you can’t play Rock Paper Scissors with your friends in person, there’s always the new Facebook app version!

Paper beats rock, rock beats scissors and scissors beats paper, according to the app rules. It’s the same as the playground game you loved as a 1st grader. You know how it goes, and you know how much time you can waste, trying to figure out your opponent’s patterns just so you can beat them.

Users choose their weapons, pick friend to challenge and then go at it. It logs players’ recent activity as a way to track who the real champions are. Want to make things interesting? You can challenge one of the users in the battlefield by clicking on the icons next to each user.

Bumper Stars

Nostalgic for arcade pin ball machines, and upset that arcades are few and far between on campuses these days? Try out Bumper Stars. It’s like a virtual pin ball machine with a fattened rodent as your pin ball and bananas as points.

Drag your arrow in the direction you want the pin ball to go, and watch it go spinning around your screen. Strategy comes into play when you need to get the right angles for collecting all the points.

Track your scores, challenge your friends, and check out the leaderboards to see who’s the best player in your social graph.

Name Analyzer

What’s your name mean? For those dying to know, they can look to the Name Analyzer app.

Enter your name or analyze your friend’s name and then share the findings with your friends. They’re all mostly positive adjectives, by the way (cheerful, high-pitched, tidy, enlightened, serene).

Make things interesting by getting your friends involved, and seeing what their names mean as well. We know that’s the biggest way to whittle away time as a college student, convincing your friends to go along with whatever shenanigans you’ve gotten yourself into. See who got the name analysis that best fits their personalities, and laugh to yourself at how right (or wrong) the meanings are.

Match Your Personality

Sunbelt, rustbelt, Midwest, Northwest? Match your personality with geography to find out where you should really be living. The quiz asks for preferences related to weather, cuisine, pace of living, how dedicated you are to your job and everyday conveniences.

For college students, this may actually be a beneficial way of wasting time. Aside from finding their first job, the geographical location of that job is a huge decision. It may even be the number one deciding factor for that first job hunt. Perhaps this app isn’t such a GPA-killer after all. Consider it a motivator. 😉

Who Were You in a Past Life?

Find out who you were in a past life with this quiz. This quiz take your habits and lifestyle attributes and matches them to some of history’s finest and most notable personalities. From Pablo Picasso to Socrates, what’s more fun than discovering which of this historic greats to which you’re most akin?

Knowing about people’s past lives has helped famous successful people such as Oprah and Henry Ford, according to the app. And it can help college students as well, if they want to be successful. Just don’t waste too much time on this one. Otherwise your declining GPA will overpower that shining Picassan personality of yours.

Personality? You’ve Got It.

Facebook fans can also find out what animal best suits their personality. With the quiz: What’s your power animal, users answer questions such as their most honorable quality and what makes them happiest.

There is no shortage of personality-matching quizzes on Facebook. Users can even find out what painting they are by answering seven questions.

This quiz will match aspects of your personality to famous works of art, using technique, artist, subject matter and period to make the connection, according to the app.

Facebook users can even turn to matching themselves to cartoon characters. With quizzes to find out what South Park or even Simpson character best fits you.

Users can find out if they’re Kyle, the smartest kid in the class with a moral high road or the foul-mouthed Cartman. If you didn’t already know that you’d like to sit around all day and eat donuts like Homer Simpson, you can confirm that with the which Simpsons quiz.

What Public Health Scourge Are You?

Swine flu, anyone? After seeing the the way in which social media enabled news and relevant information about the swine flu, this application might be right up your alley.

Even if Facebook users may be over the whole swine flu hysteria, you can still test your gross-out factor with the quiz to found out which public health scourge best fits you.

The quiz uses advanced logic and even a little bit of magic to determine your true epidemic nature, according to the app. It asks questions such as astrological sign and your preferred means of travel to get a “true” look at your personality and likeliness to spread disease.

Word Games to Keep You Smart

On a Salmonella-free note, you can stick to word games to keep your mind sharp. Try the word creating game Bananagrams. The object of the game is to arrange ones tiles into interconnected words faster than their opponents and beat the clock.

Interconnect the tiles to make words (so it looks like a crossword puzzle or Scrabble). When all the tiles are connected, click the bunch icon to get a new tile. When all the tiles from the banana bunch are used, click the banana bunch to finish to declare “bananas”. Beat the clock.

Uses can by solo to practice before they challenge their friends or join an existing game in real-time. Find out who can use up their letters first. But you can’t use proper nouns, according to the rules.