Adam Sandler’s Choice for President

Dan Patrick is stepping into the shoes of Daniel Day-Lewis and many others.

Over the years, hundreds of actors have portrayed President Abraham Lincoln on screen, starting with half a dozen performers in 1911. This week, another stove top-hatted casting choice was tipped, and it’s one of the more unusual ones.

Chatting this week with longtime friend and patron Adam Sandler, radio host Dan Patrick got the live skinny on his next Happy Madison gig in the comedy Western The Ridiculous 6:

“You will be wearing a beard, you will be wearing a hat, you will be at the theater…” announced Sandler. “We don’t have the part of your wife cast yet…”

Patrick’s scene will shoot in a couple of months and involve Owen Wilson as a protector and SNL alum Chris Kattan playing the role of John Wilkes Booth.