Adam Penenberg Has Fun with #AdviceForYoungJournalists

Media vet hijacks hashtag to comment on the current state of far too much Web journalism

AdamPenenbergTwitterProfilePicWe got a good laugh out of the way author, NYU prof and media vet Adam Penenberg (pictured) tackled the trending hashtag: with serious deadpan. Never mind that a lot of his gag advice seems perfectly tailored to the part-time pay scales, home offices and no-health-benefits environs that await many of today’s young truth seekers, post-graduation.

Here are three of Penenberg’s upside-down pearls:

Copy/paste, don’t check facts, go on junkets, accept gifts and let Uber buy you dinner/drinks at Gramercy Tavern.

Don’t worry if you make an egregious error. Your next post goes up in 10 minutes.

Don’t leave your fetid apartment. If it’s not on reddit, Google, Facebook or Twitter, it never happened.

In the related realm of #AdviceForOldTwitterUsers, anyone who had to ask whether these and other zingers were serious bits of journalism advice needs to go back to the 140-character drawing board. At one point yesterday, a self-professed dad blogger did just that, sparking a salty back-and-forth with Professor Penenberg.
[Photo via: @Penenberg]