The Penultimate Star Trek Accessory Goes Unclaimed

A footnote that boggles that thing between the two ears.

There are two percolating feature documentaries that FishbowlNY is especially looking forward to.

One is Michael Moore’s Where to Invade Next, announced this week as a 2015 Toronto International Film Festival premiere, where the filmmaker has had much previous success. In a brief Periscope chat, Moore answered a few tweeted questions about the stealth project.


The other, scheduled for release in 2016 (the 50th anniversary year of the original Star Trek TV series), is For the Love of Spock. On July 1, Adam Nimoy’s project became Kickstarter’s most successful documentary crowdfunding campaign, reaching the staggering total of $662,640. The only thing more surprising than the amount raised is the fact that while six donors pitched in $10,000 each, another top-level single perk of $6,000 went unclaimed:

Not content to simply own a pair of ears molded from the original models?

One lucky backer has the opportunity to GO THROUGH THE TRADITIONAL PROCESS as Leonard would have done WITH Steve Neill (original artist for the ears on ST: The Motion Picture), and have it documented with photos and video – which perhaps might even make it into the DVD extras or a video feature on our website!

Steve will invite you to his studio in Ventura, Calif., will make a cast of your ears with prosthetic-grade alginate, and create stone positive life castings your own ears. From there, Steve will carefully sculpt the Vulcan ear from clay ON TOP of your unique castings, create an additional mold from this, and after prepping and curing the molds, will finally create and bake the foam rubber appliances.

After all of this, he’ll bring you back in and apply the prosthetic ears in the same fashion Leonard would have had done for the films (additional Vulcan clothing and makeup optional). You’ll walk away with video and photo documentation, as well as your own set of personalized ears AND the original molds created just for this experience!

On the heels of Nimoy’s history-making Kickstarter effort, University of Texas at Austin journalism student and AP intern Luqman Adeniyi had a nice piece about the “Spockumentary.” The film will be narrated by actor Zachary Quinto, who plays Spock in the newer Star Trek films:

This will be Nimoy’s second project with his [late] dad. He previously produced Leonard Nimoy’s Boston, a documentary about his father’s childhood in Boston. His sister Julie Nimoy announced in April she was partnering with her fiancé to create a film on COPD, the disease that killed her father.

Nimoy said when he was growing up, his father took on traits of his character and was distant and worked a lot.

Nimoy doesn’t tweet too much, but that’s still the best place to keep up to date on his documentary’s progress. Film long and prosper in the edit bay!