Ad Women Drink, Gab

awny.gifIf a woman in advertising doesn’t know how to network, can she make a living? Our own Chris O’Hara and Laurel Touby got to explore that and other fun facts last night at the Advertising Women of New York‘s seventh annual “Networking With Notables Workshop and Cocktail Reception.”

Now, we think the cocktails coming after the networking was absolutely the wrong order — libations do so help our gift of gab. (Why even the org’s insignia (above) looks like she has a drink in her hand!) But we did stay sober enough to see some of the folks who were there, and told us secrets we can’t divulge (here, anyway):

John Balen, merchandising director, Shape Magazine
Phil Cara, director of sales, Yahoo!
Peter Green, SVP, national sales manager,
Ed Koller, president, The Howard-Sloan-Koller Group (Guess you have to be everywhere, in his biz). They were sponsors, again.
Bill Kupper, president, BusinessWeek Magazine
Lou Mohn, division VP, publisher, Playboy Magazine
Carryl Pierre, director, New Business Development, Integrated Marketing, MTV MTV2 mtvU
Samantha Shanken, VP, Marketing Development, M Shanken Communications
Keren Unrad, manager of Consumer Marketing for Oxygen
Mikki Shull, IBM Business Consulting
Patricia Santangelo, regional ad manager for Boys Life