Ad Agency Asks Interns To Tweet Their Way To A Gig

Another day, another Twitter-for-an-internship announcement.

This time, it’s the Minneapolis, Minn.-based Campbell Mithun, who will be selecting its 2011 interns based on the quality of thirteen tweets. For those playing along at home, that’s only 1820 characters.

The would-be interns can write anything they want with those thirteen tweets as long as they include a couple required hashtags (so that’s fewer than 1820 characters, really). However, since the tweets are the only thing these kids’ll be judged on in the first round, they’d be wise to link to a resume, portfolio, or LinkedIn page.

The 10-week “Lucky 13” summer internship is a paid one, and every year, at least one intern has landed a full-time job with Campbell Mithun. So if you think of yourself as a microblogger extraordinaire, better visit the Lucky 13 site and get going.