Actor Lands 100 Jobs in One Year & Shares Job Hunting Advice

If you’re struggling to land a job or even a new freelance gig, there’s something we can learn from people who have been there, done that. Like a hundred times.

Meet Dave Herman, a struggling actor in New York City. In 2012 he landed 100 (yes, you read that right) jobs which included a night receptionist, script reader, bartender, newspaper boy, dog walker and professional laughter. Sure, he blogged about it and some “occupations” may seem questionable like substitute student and thief, but the point is he landed a variety of gigs and there’s lessons to be learned from that feat.

Well, as per AOL Jobs, the 27-year-old is currently employed at a marketing company and has shared a few tips on how to land a few jobs to make some bucks…

1. Temping isn’t always temporary. Keep in mind most of his gigs were snagged through temp agencies so it’s not uncommon to work several jobs for short durations to make the quest toward 100 more attainable. The kicker is getting hired time and time again by the same company for different roles.

So, if you haven’t explored temp work and you’re still pounding the pavement, lesson learned is to explore temping. It’s not a bad option and you’ll keep your skills sharp. In fact, it’s quite viable since it will get you working and will get your foot in the door.

 2. Sometimes you have to take a hit at the beginning. Apparently the actor went into debt at the start of the project with only a few measly tasks to his name. Herman sustained it and eventually started earning more money and landing more gigs.

He told the site, “Anyone who wants to make a sustainable income as a freelancer, it’s an investment. Just like college is an investment of time and money, just like starting a small business.”

3. It’s all about networking. If we can learn one thing and one thing only from Herman, it’s the importance of getting in the game. Once you’re in it, you can set the world on fire! Or at least make a good impression once you’re in it.

For instance, he worked as a receptionist and a colleague at that employer referred him to another receptionist role. At that other role, someone liked the sound of his voice after calling into the company and hired him for yet another receptionist gig.