Activated Media – The New Opportunity For Brand Conversion

Media is everywhere. Brands are utilizing multiple channels to reach the mobile user wherever they may be- commuting, working, or sitting on their couch. More recently, brands have been using hashtags as the glue that connects all their messaging across channels.

The question now is:  How can a brand activate their media to allow users to engage and convert from an ad no matter where they are?

Activating media channels using actiontags allows consumers to instantly respond with a social post – anywhere they encounter a brand’s message or products. This allows brands to drive direct conversion from offline channels and the ability to reach out to every user who has participated with the ad.

Why is this important for brands?

Having the ability to convert customers from offline channels (print, TV, billboards, radio) while leveraging how users engage with social as a second screen opens up an entirely new conversion channel for brands.

When actiontags are used on any media channel, no matter where the user sees the ad, they can engage with that brand and actually get something in return – directly from their mobile device – just by using a hashtag. Brands benefit because they create a frictionless experience for the consumer while capturing their social data. This happens all while consumers are amplifying the offline brand’s message in the social space.

By using an automated platform for activated hashtags, brands are able to reach out to every user who has raised their hand, or opted in to  the ad and use the social data they collect for targeted remarketing and future campaign strategy– an opportunity brands are currently leaving on the table.


For a deeper look at how brands can utilize actiontags to activate their cross-channel media, check out the Chirpify Best Practice Guide here: