Ack! Redmond Pie Previews Flash 10.1 Running on a Nexus One with a Cooked ROM

YouTube video courtesy of taim99

I always knew my desire to keep Adobe Flash off of all of my Smartphones was doomed. And, though I keep hoping that Apple can fend off Flash for many more years, Android (at least ones from HTC with their Desire ROM) appears doomed to host it soon…

FarmVille on Nexus One – Flash 10.1 Demo on Android

You can see the Flash-based Farmville game on Facebook in the embedded video above. The person demo-ing it is using a Nexus One flashed with the HTC Desire ROM which includes Flash Player 10.1.

If AT&T and other carriers think 3G wireless data usage is high now, wait until they seem Flash-heavy apps in use on phones.