Achenbach’s Advice To The Boss


(Photo Credit: Achenblog)

The Washington Post’s Joel Achenbach has some advice for new Executive Editor (come September) Marcus Brauchli (and head over to the Politico for a thorough summary of this morning’s meeting, described to us by Posties in such positive terms as “short and sweet” and “cute” and in not-so-positive terms “uneventful,” “boring,” and “like having a pimpled popped”).

Among the advice:

We have this concept here called Local News. You can find it in what’s known as the “Metro” section, which is staffed by people known as Metrosectionals. Imagine “Money & Investing,” only without the money or the investing, and focusing instead on local government, schools, traffic, crime, weather, festivals, shopping, neighborhood cookouts, kids made good, kids gone bad, cats rescued from trees, trees rescued from cats, and whatnot — stuff that might seem boring to someone living in glitzy Manhattan but which has the redeeming characteristic of being something that real people will pay money to read about.


We have a phenomenal, underexploited asset: Readers. Lots of people still read us, and make us an essential part of their day. A lot of these people would likely respond to some kind of Support Your Local Endangered Newspaper campaign. And it would be a mistake to get so focused on the people who DON’T buy the paper or read it online that we forget to pay attention to those who already do.