Achenbach On Politico

From here:

    A number of my former colleagues work there and they’re all wonderful people who I know will produce fabulous stuff and win the Nobel Peace Prize for Journalism and so on. And they’ve had some excellent stories so far. The website strikes me as a bit thin, perhaps because the history of the institution goes back all the way to Tuesday. Give it time. But right now you can read, in one sitting, everything The Politico has ever produced. I did a search on the name “Roosevelt,” and was informed, “News and Blogs Search for ‘Roosevelt’: 0 records found.” So maybe there should be an in-house contest at The Politico: 5 dollars for the first person to mention a Roosevelt, any Roosevelt, in a story. Ten bucks for the first Millard Fillmore reference. Twenty for Harold Stassen. And so on.

    (I know what you’re thinking: How much for Alben Barkley?)