Acer Focusing on Android Phone & Reducing Emphasis on Windows Mobile

We never saw Acer’s Windows Mobile smartphones in the U.S. (none sold through a major cell phone carrier to my recollection). But, this brief item from DigiTimes still doesn’t sound like good news for Microsoft’s Windows Mobile platform…

Acer to shift focus to Android smartphones

Like HTC, Acer reportedly will keep developing Windows Mobile phones. However, again, like HTC, Acer will place more focus on their Android based phones.

Microsoft’s Windows Mobile 6.5 is set to roll out tomorrow (Tuesday, Sept. 6). And, it doesn’t appear to be exciting manufacturers or the general public. Can the much delayed Windows Mobile 7 (now apparently due in late 2010) reverse this shrinking mindshare and manufacturer focus? I guess we won’t actually know until early 2011 after a few Windows Mobile 7 based phones roll out.