Access Zoho Mail on the iPad Via the Web or Mail App

If you are a heavy user of Zoho’s web office and productivity suite, you may also use their Zoho Mail service. The good news for iPad owning Zoho users is that Zoho just updated their mobile web site to optimize Zoho Mail in the iPad’s Safari web browser.

Zoho Mail is now optimized for iPad

Zoho Mail’s iPad web view does not deviate much from the look and feel of the iPad’s native email app or Google’s Gmail web view. This is a good design choice since it means that iPad using Zoho customers will feel familar and comfortable right away.

Zoho customers can, for your information, also choose to use the iPad’s native mail app. Zoho provides IMAP server access to mail hosted by their system. Instructions to do this can be found at:

Accessing Zoho Mail on iPhone/iPad through IMAP