Absurd Fashion Round-Up


To end this writer’s day on a fun note, we turn to fashion. First, over at If It’s Hip, It’s Here, we have runway photos of a new collection by the fashion design team, Viktor and Rolf, that utilizes type in all of its clothing. Most notably, the two like to say “No” a lot, either by way of belt buckle or by crazy 3D shirts. Which is to say, they’re saying no to fashion by saying yes to it on the runway (in our limited time we have spent with the fashion world, it’s always a good idea just to leave your brain at home and destroy any sense of intellect or logic that you may possess). Elsewhere, as a companion to Stephanie’s recent post about celebrities shacking up with fashionistas, we were sent this very funny piece, showing off Chloe Seigny‘s new fashion line, which is apparently entirely based upon the patterns on the couches your aunt had in her basement back in 1973. It’s at once both terrifying and…no, actually, it’s just that one adjective.