AboveTheLaw.com Debuts

Blog Genius Elizabeth Spiers today announced her latest project (Dealbreaker.com was her last): AboveTheLaw.com. The website will be headed by one-time Wonkette’r (and Underneath their Robes) David Lat (BIO).

Writes Spiers:

    Today is Warren Buffett’s 76th birthday. And as a gift to the father of value investing, we’ve made him a very special LAW WEBSITE.

    It’s called AboveTheLaw.com and it’s written by David Lat, ex-of Wonkette.com and Underneath Their Robes. And it is now LIVE.

    That’s http://www.abovethelaw.com.

    Sure, a law blog has nothing to do with investing and nothing to do with Mr. Buffett, but it’s the thought that counts, right? And if Buffett doesn’t like it, well that’s just shameful ingratitude.

    So Happy Birthday, Mr. Buffett.

Lat tells FishbowlDC, “I’m thrilled about the launch of Above the Law. Contrary to popular belief, the legal profession isn’t boring — at least not all the time. It’s populated by colorful characters, and it’s full of fascinating backstories just waiting to be told. But it’s also a profession that takes itself very seriously — sometimes too seriously. Above the Law seeks to offer some good-natured humor to lighten up the proceedings. We hope that people never look at law the same way again.”

Some of AboveTheLaw’s features include:

    1. Legal Eagle Wedding Watch. We review the New York Times wedding announcements each week, pick out some couples with lawyers, and score them — on their resumes, families, balance, and beauty (if pictured). Then we calculate overall scores and declare a winner. FUN! (We’ve been at this for a few weeks now; click here and scroll down for the Wedding Watch archives.)

    2. Lawyerly Lairs. Real estate and shelter porn for the J.D. set. We take you inside the lavish homes and resplendent offices of America’s top lawyers and judges. Don’t blame us if your keyboard ends up covered in drool. (Previously covered: Greta Van Susteren and John Coale’s New York digs.)

    3. The Eyes of the Law: Legal Celebrity Sightings. When you called your sister from Starbucks, in a tizzy after seeing Ted Olson, she asked: “What about Mary-Kate and Ashley?” But don’t despair; we understand.

    4. Advice for the Lawlame. We take the painfully earnest questions submitted to the popular career advice columns at NYLawyer.com — and offer up responses of our own (examples here and here).

    5. Hotties Contests. And lots of ’em. You get to vote on the hottest judges, law professors, and legal journalists — among many others. (First up: ERISA lawyers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you — NSFW!!!)