About That “Meet” Leak…

…a few thoughts:

  • Since everyone’s wondering about “who leaked the David Gregory” news, we should help NBC brass figure it out: NBC’s DC Bureau is incredibly gossipy, if you haven’t figured it out already. And we’re not saying that they’re gossipy just to media outlets, but rather that they’re gossipy amongst each other.

    We’ve heard a few reports of NBC’ers in the lunch room moaning out loud to others about the selection of Gregory as “Meet” host. Or out-right declaring at the water cooler that there would be a revolt if he was picked (in fairness: I’m sure plenty were vocal about their support of Gregory, but those kind of stories aren’t juicy enough to make our inbox).

  • Has anyone else noticed the elephant in the room: Not that it’s weird that the Huffington Post broke the news of Gregory’s selection (as compared to one of those “traditional, established, MSM outlets, blah blah blah” like the New York Times or Washington Post), but rather that it’s weird because it was well known that Tim Russert and Arianna Huffington weren’t exactly BFFs. So for the Huffington Post to break the news of his replacement, of all places, struck many in the DC bureau as somewhat of a slap in the face of Tim’s memory.